Classes in the PuLL Program

PuLL Fellows will take three courses, and will complete a practicum at one of our partner libraries.

Public Library Administration
This course will require students to work with library leaders in order to discover the realities of planning, budgeting, and evaluation of programs that are designed to meet community needs. The students will also learn how to attract, hire, and maintain an excellent, community-service oriented staff.

Community Leadership
Service learning course. Student will have the opportunity to work with local leaders to work on a project that links the library to another organization. Student will learn about partnerships and advocacy for the library, developing leadership skills through action and reflection. A main component of the assignments is to develop empathy and listening skills.

Leadership for Diversity
As our American culture grows more diverse, the likelihood of working with diverse employees and communities increases. This course will focus on leadership and diversity within public libraries. The course will focus on issues such as team-building with a diverse workforce, recruiting and hiring for diversity, mastering cross-cultural competence and communication skills, and building diversity awareness and acceptance in staff and community members.